Version 6

The latest upgrade is complete. There are many improved features. For the clubs that purchased all programs including section play, the upgrade is free. For other clubs there is a small upgrade charge.

The new program includes section play.

Round Events program will now accomodate 3 days of competition with 4 rounds on each day. Just click on the combination of days and rounds you require.

Both of these programs will allow you to nominate a specific number of points for a draw in line with the new rules of bowls (Crystal Mark 3rd edition). Note that this rule only applies in specific circumstances so for social and recreational events (including open carnivals) you may still apply points as you did previously.

The print feature is more user friendly. The two section play programs have been combined with buttons for portrait print and landscape print.

Print errors have been eliminated.

A zoom button has been added to many programs to assist with fitting your image to a projector or TV screen.


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1 Response to Version 6

  1. Bart Mavrick says:

    If you are looking for a program to simplify your bowls draws and scoring this is it. Easy and fantastic. I am not a computer whiz kid and can run this program. Used it for our last open triples.
    Bart Mavrick Port Bouvard Bowling Club.


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