Novelty Events

Here are some novelty events you might like to try:

1. Progressive (Random) Triples. See PAMI Program

2. Winners V Winners. See PAMI Program

3. Super Sixes. See PAMI Program

4. Two day event playing rounds Day 1 and Section play Day 2. Use PAMI Round Play Program on Day 1 and Section Play Program on Day 2. Charts & draws are available for PAMI clients.

5. Halls Head Cup. Change the name depending on your sponsor. A pairs events. Playing Ladies’ Singles, Men’s Singles and Mixed Pairs in each round. Nine short games (3 sets with 3 games per set) are played so judge the length of the games carefully as it can be a long day. Games could be timed. Use the PAMI  Section Play Program that accomodates the 9 games.Leave the section number blank as there is only 1 section.

If you want to pay the winners of each set then use the V6 PAMI Round Events and enter the results of set 1 into Day 1, the results of set 2 into Day 2 and the results of set 3 into Day 3. When you press the Day winners the winners for each set will be ranked.

More details and a template for cards are available for PAMI clients.

6. Irish Bowls. All team members deliver their bowls as directed by the skipper then the lead puts down the jack. If the jack goes in the ditch or out of bounds the other lead delivers the jack.

7. Pairs: When playing pairs play 3 shorter games in place of 1 long game. Play a different format in each round.  Game 1: 2x2x2x2 Game 2: 2x4x2 Game 3: 3 bowls straight.

8. Triples & Fours: Team members rotate positions. If playing triples play 3 rounds.  The team members play a different position in each round so at the end of the day’s play each player has played as lead, second & skipper. Play fours using the same format.

9. Round Games: Play 9 ends each game.To provide interest and increase concentration change the format every third end. End 3  remove all bowls short of the jack. End 6 remove all bowls behind the jack. End 9 Double points.

Other variations could be: End 3 play minumum length jack (place jack). End 6 play maximum length jack. End 9 place the jack on the T and only bowls between the jack and the ditch count.

Another option would be to leave jack where it finishes (do not centre it) providing it is a legal jack.

10. Consistency pairs, triples fours. Score as for consistency single rewarding the four closest bowls to the Jack. Points 4,3,2,1 Unlike consistency singles play a set number of ends and play as for a normal round event.

11. Gala & Friendship Days. Play 4 shorter games instead of 2 longer games. You can then reward an AM team and a PM team and/or round prizes. When only 2 games are played a team losing game 1 doesn’t have much to play for. With four games the possibilty of being among the winners with 1 loss becomes more achievable. Use the PAMI Three Day Program to rank the teams. Each day has 2 rounds so Day 1 will rank the AM rounds. Day 2 will rank the PM rounds and the Team ranking button would show the overall winners.

12. Team Games. In conjunction with round games the field can be divided into teams. Use PAMI section play program. The teams can be ranked in outright order for the individual winners, and in section order to make it easy to add up the total points for each team. (Give each team a section number).

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