Trouble Shooting

Q. The print button isn’t working in the results files.

A. Make sure you give your event a title when you clear old data and enter new. You may have to replace the file with one from your backup to get the print button working again. Generally you can use Ctrl P. If you have a computer that you can diconnect from the internet and disable security, you will rarely have trouble with PAMI.

Q. I copied and pasted names into PAMI and now it isn’t working.

A. You may have to replace the file with the one in your backup. You cannot copy and paste formatting into PAMI. You must tye the names directly into team names.

Remember to email or phone If you cannot resolve a problem. The phone number is on the disc case. You may also contact me through this site.

Q 1.When I tried to return home from the ranking page a small blue wheel went round and round but the home page wouldn’t open.

A. Look at the tool bar below and you will see a blue icon and an excel icon. This indicates you have attempted to open the program twice. Right click on the blue icon and then click the small cross, top right, to close. The home button will now respond.

This has happened because you clicked too many times on your selected file. You can avoid this by right clicking (once only) on the file. A menu will appear. Click on open.

Q 2. I clicked on a file and nothing happened.

A. Look at the bottom tool bar. You will see a blue or red icon. Click on it and then you will be able to continue.

The file actually responded but was hidden behind the open window that showed the PAMI files. You can also click on the top of the window and drag it to another position and you will see the dialogue box that was hidden.

Q 3. When I opened my disc and copied and pasted PAMI a message came up to say I couldn’t do that.

A. Make sure the cursor is over the desktop, outside the open window. It will then paste. You can also drag and drop. A dialogue box will show that the copying is occurring.

Q 4. I wanted to use two programs concurrently as we had an event running over several weeks. I copied the file and pasted it, outside the the PAMI folder onto the desktop. I renamed it Coporate Bowls. It worked well except the print button would not respond.

A. You must keep the second file in the original location with all the other files.

Q 5. I entered my title in the data entry box. I put the date first – 2015 Classis. When I went to the print file I had large letters in bold type across the whole page blotting out the results.

A. We will improve this in the next edition. If you enter the word first, followed by the date you will not have a problem.

N.B. Now fixed in version 6.

Q 6. I cannot get the program to open.

A. Make sure you have installed updates on your computer. You may need to download & instal Microsoft service pack 3 for Office 2007, if using Office 2007.

Q 7. When I print my results I sometimes get extra blank pages.

A. This has been fixed in version 6

Q 8. When I project the image to a screen all the results don’t show.

A. In version 6 there is a zoom button. This will help to some extent.

Q 9. At the end of a night’s play I closed the program. When I opened the program for the next night’s play all my scores had gone.

A. You closed the program by clicking on the cross at the top right of screen. You must always use the PAMI buttons. Each time you press home or close buttons the data is saved.

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