PAMI is now working in Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Contact me for the latest version when you upgrade your computer to Windows 10.

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Windows 10

PAMI will run in Windows 10 however there appears to be a compatibility issue with the computers that have installed the upgrade to Windows 10. We advise clubs not to upgrade their match room computers unless the issue is resolved.

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Version 6

The latest upgrade is complete. There are many improved features. For the clubs that purchased all programs including section play, the upgrade is free. For other clubs there is a small upgrade charge.

The new program includes section play.

Round Events program will now accomodate 3 days of competition with 4 rounds on each day. Just click on the combination of days and rounds you require.

Both of these programs will allow you to nominate a specific number of points for a draw in line with the new rules of bowls (Crystal Mark 3rd edition). Note that this rule only applies in specific circumstances so for social and recreational events (including open carnivals) you may still apply points as you did previously.

The print feature is more user friendly. The two section play programs have been combined with buttons for portrait print and landscape print.

Print errors have been eliminated.

A zoom button has been added to many programs to assist with fitting your image to a projector or TV screen.


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Win & Draw points

A change has been made to the PAMI round and section play programs. 

Both programs allow users to choose the number of points for a win and points for a draw. Previously, a player /team drawing a game was automatically allocated half the number of win points.

The one, two and three day round event programs have been built into one program allowing for 12 rounds of play. Users may select 2, 3 or 4 games a day or any combination of these. Any rounds or days not being used will not show on the ranking charts.

There is also another ranking option. If you allocate 0 points for wins & draws the teams will be ranked by shots difference (margin). 

Clubs who want to upgrade please contact me.

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Another V5 change

We have added 2 new folders. The Files created when printing draws and results will be saved in these folders where they can be easily deleted or dragged to folders you may set up to keep records of particular events.
No longer will these files accumulate alongside your programs with icons.

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Version 5 Changes

All clients who have PAMI version 4 please note that version 5 is available.

The 3 changes we have made are:

  1. The formula  F/A has been changed back to percentage.
  2. You can enter a different number of rounds to be played each day and only those rounds will show in the printouts and result charts in the One and Two Day Event programs.
  3. You do not have to specify a number of ends to be played if you don’t want to use the number of ends won in the rankings.

The F/A formula is invalid when a team wins having 0 points scored against it. In the event of a team winning 12 -0 and another winning 13 – 1 (both +12) the team with 12 – 0 would be incorrectly ranked lower as 12/0 is an error. In reality this is only likely to be a problem in round rankings. By changing to the percentage formula the problem is eliminated and I can assure you that this change will rank the teams the same as using F/A in all other circumstances.

For clubs playing carnival playing 3 games Day 1 and 2 games on Day 2 this is an obvious improvement.

Many users don’t like seeing the error sign  when not using ends won in the rankings. Even though this had no bearing on the calculations, it just tidies things up if you don’t have to enter ends won when you don’t want to. However, except for championships, I would enter the ends won as it is messy to enter them at the end of a tournament when you have two teams tied on Win points, Ends won and Percentage.



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Section Play

This program has also been upgraded.

  1. F/A changed to percentage.
  2. The number of ends being played do not have to be entered.

The second factor is important in section play as this program is valuable when playing championships in sections. For championships the number of ends would not be a consideration.

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