A program for sets play is now available. 

There are two files. The first has 9 rounds. It does not have round winners or day winners. It is designed for an event played in pools/sections with up to 9 teams per section.

It can also be used for an event not played in sections.

My intention was to have the ranking as per the Laws of Bowls however I have made an adjustment. I have  Game Points, Net Total of Sets (SW-SL),  Total of Set Points (Win 1, Draw 0.5, Loss 0), Net Total of Shots.

The Law book has Game Points, Highest Number of Sets Won, Net Total of Set Points, Net Total of Shots.

It is my belief that the Law book has the net in the wrong place. A player can win a set and lose a set and be forced to a tie breaker and will rank equally in the second tier of ranking to a player who has obtained his wins by winning a set and drawing a set. This is where the net score should be allocated. There is no point to allocating points and then applying a net number of points so no net should be used in the third tier of ranking.

The other file has 4 games. I have it so 2 games may be played each day with round winners and day winners. I have similar one available with ranking tailor made for a club.

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