Many clubs are moving to recording their results on the computer.

Our PAMI programs will help match committee members with limited computer skills achieve excellent results.

The advantages of PAMI are:

  1. It adds scores quickly and efficiently.
  2. It alerts users to errors on entry.
  3. It very quickly indicates the winners at the end of the tournament. These may include overall winners, day winners and/or round winners.

In 2001 I took on a position on the match committee at my club. Within a very short time I realized that the material available to run successful tournaments was inadequate and set about building up a filing system to help incoming committees.

After eight years on the match committee I had compiled a huge amount of data. I decided a lot of it could be useful to others and was worth publishing.

I also started doing spreadsheets but quickly realised that a simpler program was needed.

In 2011 my brother Michael upgraded the computer programs I had built to make it easier for those with limited computer knowledge to calculate tournament results.

Contact us today if you would like a trial program.

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  1. Margaret Hall says:

    Congratulations Patsy.
    Might I suggest that you identify yourself in the “About” details so that we know the very clever person who put time to good use to build a practically foolproof program to calculate tournament results. Only the idiot entering the data makes mistakes!
    It is very much appreciated by those who have spent even a small amount of time calculating results manually. And I have seen firsthand that those who have little or no computer skills are soon able to use your program.

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