What you will get with your PAMI Licence.

The program comes with:

  1. A booklet with some hints to help you when you first use PAMI.
  2. A link to PAMI folders ready to be loaded onto the desktop of your computer.
  3. A Dongle. The dongle is your license. It must be inserted before you open a file.

PAMI Contents:

Round Play.

  1. Draws for 8 to 48 teams playing either 2 to 5 rounds, 6 rounds or 8 rounds.
  2. 8, 10, 12 & 14 team draws for small clubs with 1 green needing neutral rinks for 4 rounds.
  3. A chart to show how to extend draws to accommodate  a number of teams larger than 48 Teams.
  4. The 6 round draws have charts to assist with the placement of teams (not my preferred option). These do not apply to other round draws.
  5. Draws for clubs with 10 rink greens.

A program to calculate results for:

  1. 1, 2 or 3 day events playing 2 games a day.
  2. 1 and 2 day events playing 2, 3 or 4 games a day.
      • The option to vary the points, and number of ends played, for each round.
      • The option to rank overall winners, day winners and round winners as required.
      • The option to award points for ends won and other bonus points.

Super Sixes.

Side game of 6 players…………………Fours and Pairs

  1. How to play the game instructions.
  2. Draws for 24 teams (24 rinks).
  3. A program to calculate the results.
      • Ranking overall winners for three rounds of Fours & Pairs.
      • Ranking round winners combining Fours and Pairs scores.

Winners V Winners.

  1. How to play the game Instructions.
  2. Draws for 48 teams.
  3. The program has two options for calculating results.
    • The first round divides players into winners and losers.
    • Both rounds are used to decide the winners or
    • Only the second round is used to decide the winners.

Progressive Triples (Sometimes called  Random Triples).

  1. How to play the game instructions.
  2. Draws for 8 to 36 teams for clubs with 6 rink greens.
  3. Draws for 8 to 42 teams for clubs with 7 rink greens.
  4. Draws ready to copy onto the skippers cards, and to print & distribute to the seconds & leads.
  5. A program to rank skippers, seconds & leads. (See scoring method under “How to play the game instructions”).

Social Bowls.

  1. Instructions for pop stick draws playing 1 game or multiple games.
  2. Draws for 6 to 48 teams on charts ready to print.
  •  Charts prepared for 2 rounds.
  • Charts prepared for 3 rounds.
  • Ready reckoner in each of the above files for team numbers.

Helpful hints on the following:

  1. Knockout chart …………………. team positions.
  2. Uneven numbers ………………. how it affects the plate draw.
  3. Rink allocation.

Section Play.

Section play draws and program for calculating results is now included.

Up to ten teams in a section (9 rounds). Scores entered as for round play. Quick and accurate results.

Sets Play

This is an optional extra. It is designed for playing in pools with up to 10 teams playing 9 rounds

It can also be used when not playing in pools.

There is a second sets Play program with 4 games designed to play 2 games a day and ranking Day and Game Winners, as well as the usual over winners.

13 Responses to Contents

  1. Ian Edgar says:

    Is it possible to have a trial. What does the software cost?


  2. Jan van Eeden says:

    I need a draw sequence for second round. 8teams to 16 teams thank you.


  3. Lyn Mactaggart says:

    I need a draw sheet for 14 teams to play 4 games


  4. Peter Fitzakerley says:

    I need A draw sheet for 10 teams to play 4 games


  5. wendyjoanrussell says:

    Katanning Bowling Club would like a price for PAMI to take to a meeting

    Would you please email to Wendy Russell at
    Phone 0409 083 151
    Wendy Russell


  6. Phillip says:

    We need the software to run our tournament games, we are a club in South Africa. What would the cost implications be?


  7. Greg DuBois says:

    Can we trial this program?How much does the program cost?


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